Backdoor risk for QOTOM Mini PC?

Hi all… was looking to build a pfsense on QOTOM Mini PC
What is the risk of this mini pc being backdoored? I’m thinking with a fresh sw install the only backdoors I need to worry about is hw.
Thanks in advance!

QOTOM Mini PC link

Not very likely but not completely impossible


Appreciate the reply! Thanks!

LOL I have three similar boxes ! I’d say there is a “risk” with all hardware though in this situation unless someone with expertise inspects the units you’ll never have any idea.

I’m naive I guess
Attempted some level of due diligence… couldn’t find any hardware vulnerabilities on cvedetails, reddit,etc… so posted here. Eh all good

necromancer here, this is interesting

your safest bet probably to inspect them physically if they have FCC registration (since you can find the detailed schematic at there)