AX3000 Ceiling Mount WiFi 6 Access Point

The market is slowly catching up in the race for who’s got mesh, or at least who’s offering management based wifi nodes.

Good to see more Qualcomm based devices. Are there any real world reports of performance? It’s only 2x2 and only achieves that performance with 160 MHz channel width, which will be hard to maintain with DFS restrictions, and performance will only be worse if you install as a MESH system.

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As far as I know they aren’t on the market yet, i’m curious about their performance metrics and how they behave as a managed system myself too.
One benefit to these types of WiFi, assuming it works the way ubiquiti does, you can designate some nodes as stand alone in a managed mesh network. So in theory at least one room could have a short range dedicated 160 link for ultra-high bandwidth link to the network.

BH Photo shows indication they have at least some stock on order, I found a place holder for the product page.