Awesome use for an Edgerouter X

Hey guys. I’m a big fan of Ubiquiti hardware and pfSense and I found a great use for Edgerouter X’s.
If you want to test out a site to site VPN and configure the firewalls with the real static ip address you’re going to use in production, you can do it off-line the following way:

  1. Set up the Edgerouter X with each interface separate.
  2. Assign the static IP range of your firewall to the interface.
  3. Do the same for each additional static IP for each other firewall, assigning 1 interface per static.
  4. Create a ruleset allowing all traffic to all interfaces.

This will allow you to set up several pfSense routers for example with site to site VPNs already configured with the correct static IPs and not have to change anything.

Hope the process is clear and that it helps some folks out. Thanks all!

Hi, Can you provide a drawing? A site to site VPN can only connect 2 branch offices?