Avast Virus Definition Update Issue

Hello friends. Currently I am facing a strange issue with my Avast Antivirus. I have not been able to update the virus definition on Avast for the past few months. Can anyone tell me what could be the main reason behind this?

Hi and welcome. We don’t have enough info to answer your question. Your question is equivalent to this analogy:

A guy asking a mechanic the main reason why his car does not start. The same guy also did not provide any additional information besides that his car does not start.

All the mechanic can do is shrug since he has no access to the car (we don’t have access to your computer). It can be any number of reasons, no fuel, electrical issues, etc etc etc. Thus, in this case, if can be a network issue, it could be a firewall issue, it could be that the avast version is old and no longer support, etc, etc, etc. Please provide additional information.

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I am very much thankful to you for reverting back to me and I totally understand what have you said here. However, I did a small research online and I was able to find the solution from here. My issue is now resolved.