Avahi with Google Chromecast on Pfsense

Hi Guys,
I’ve got a pfsense firewall at my house as well as a ubiquiti switch and access point. I’ve got 4 VLANS set up. I have an IoT VLAN and that is what my google chromecast is on. I am trying to stream to the chromecast from my phone, which is on my LAN. I thought that Avahi would allow for this to happen. My buddy has the same setup and we were able to get the same exact chromecast up and running across VLANs at his house, but no luck at mine. I’m attaching a screenshot of my LAN firewall rules, but as a new user can only post one image. My avahi settings have my LAN and IOT network selected and repeat mdns packets across subnets is selected. Disable IPv6 is also selected.

I am running version 2.0.0_2 of Avahi and 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 of pfsense.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Unless you have a solid reason, your WAN_DCHP Gateway should be * instead. It’s probably a routing issue that’s being forced to the WAN instead of where it should go.

You could also combine your three vLan rules into the one Regular rule, but, it’s your boat, float it however. :wink:

Also remember, with those rules, you Disallowing the LAN to talk to Guests & Maca.

Turn on IGMP Snooping in the UniFi controller, but I will admit the mDNS & avahi area a bit buggy with the Chromecast. I just keep them on the same network as the devices that I cast to them to save the hassle.