Avahi subnet routing to OpenVPN subnet


I watched your videos on pfsense & Chromecast Across Subnets a little earlier. After installing the Avahi (I think it is pronounced a-VAH-ee), I tried browsing my LAN when connected to it through OpenVPN through the OpenVPN server running on my pfSense box.

I wasn’t able to. Do you know of a way to make that work? I found a bunch of posts from the mid-20-teens or before that for various reasons mDNS does not get routed between subnets in general. Now you report that Avahi will do the trick, but it evidently does not do it from one subnet to another VPN subnet.

Would you know otherwise or have a way to make it work?

Can you connect to anything else on your network via your OpenVPN connection ? If you are on the same network then it ought to work, if you are using different subnets or networks you need rules setup.

Where do I set up rules? In the firewall? The VPN does not show up as a VLAN anywhere.

@DominikHoffmann what device are you trying to route. I ask because a simple mdns repeater works great for me on many pieces of equipment, but not my Roku. After doing research I found Roku uses ssdp(simple service directory protocol) vs what chrome cast and printers used. I have not found a fix either, not point of my comment right now.

Have you checked what protocols the equipment you have trouble with is using?
Do you have any equipment that works?

It is from a host connected through OpenVPN to my Mac-centric home LAN. That would mean Bonjour.

Pretty sure most of the bonjour should work with having an mdns repeater across vlans. My air print works across vlans, I believe it’s bonjour based.

Well, my question is, whether this works between the LAN and OpenVPN VLANs, and what I have to do to make it work, if it does. Can you help me with that?

Unfortunately at the present time I am unfamiliar with vpn setups. I have not ventured into that territory yet.
I would love to help if I had the knowledge. Hopefully another member can chime in and assist.