Avahi Problem pFsense

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble casting from my Phone on my normal LAN/subnet/vlan to my IOT LAN/subnet/vlan and from a computer connected on my VPN/subnet/vlan to my IOT LAN/subnet/vlan.

I am using pFsense for my firewall, an HP Procurve for my switch and a Unifi AP.

I have IGMP enabled on my switch and my AP.
If the phone and the Chromecast are on the same AP I can cast to the Chromecast. If they are on a differant AP I cannot see them. I cannot see them from my VPN interface. Something seems to be wrong with how I setup Avahi.

I have Avahi setup for all 3 interfaces. I have a firewall rule which allows any traffic from either my LAN or my VPN interface to my IOT Lan. For now my IOT LAN just has a default allow any rule.

I also setup IGMP proxy on my pFsense box. Im not sure if this is required and only did this after it wasn’t working correctly.
Any help is welcome! :slight_smile:

I followd Tom’s videos

But cant find the solution.

Are you sure the HP Procurve is allowing the IGMP traffic? You might have to do some packet capture to see where it is being blocked.

I see groups on both VLANs and I see that the QUERIER is the router. Are you sure that that is the direction you would dive into to try and solve the problem?