Auvik Managed Services - Legit?

Auvik is running a promotional of a free Ubquiti LR 6 with a trial activation, the only reason i’m mentioning this is because its a LR 6 and I wondered if someone else had licensed or otherwise cracked the API’s for ubiquiti’s management interface to allow them access to it.

Unifi products do not come with any licenses. So this looks like a scam to me.

Looks like they offer some kind of properitary network monitoring solution. The license is for their product, and you get a free AP when you register for a trial license, just like you used to get a free toaster when you opened a bank account :wink:

Whether the company and their product is any good, or how to integrate Unifi products with their solution, I have no idea… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I work for an MSP and we use Auvik for our clients. It is not a scam at all. You install a collector either in windows or linux and it polls devices via snmp or via login creds and can draw graphs and take backups of configurations on firewalls including cisco and sonicwall, as well as switches as long as they are managed.