AutoShred - SSD? - What Should I use?

I got Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu Server 18.04. I am then running autoshred from Phil Porada recommended on Lawrence Systems Video.

My question is will this work with SSD or even maybe NVMe?

I am guessing no but wanted to confirm.

Any recommendations for SSD or NVMe drives I am thinking maybe something like PartedMagic.

Would put more useful links but limited to two links because I am new user.

Thanks for Reading this post.

I have not tested it with NVMe but it should work and I am not sure about your second question, are you asking what tool to use for partitioning?

Sorry was predicting the first answer to be no. So second question was asking what you use basically for secure wipe on SSD or NVMe.

I done some further research and it seems to be fine a lot websites was saying stuff like Dban does not work with SSDs. I think there two methods of Secure Erase SSDs but with my basic understanding your tool should work fine.

Thank for replying.