Automox - Automated Cyber Hygiene

Had an owner of another MSP recommend Automox as a patching solution. Never heard of them and thought I’d ask here about it. Any thoughts?

Don’t know it but am going to check it out. Just looked at the website claims to work cross platform pricing is reasonable for SMBs. May be useful for one of my upcoming projects. going to try their free trial and put it to the test.

I’ve recently learned something about their pricing. Reading the website one might think it’s simply pay-as-you-go. Not exactly. The sales person told me they won’t bill monthly for less than $500 a month. So, to get the $2 pricing and be billed monthly one must bring 1000 endpoints. Anything less than that and you must pay yearly. Still, he insisted they have no minimums! Product look very good. Practices not so much.

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Currently using Automox in production; rolled out to ~125 Endpoints currently with plans to get it on everything totaling around ~250 Endpoints once complete. Works well for windows patching and was a better price than most other tools we looked at, if you have any specific questions I will try and answer.

Are you paying monthly or yearly?

Yearly, there is a 20% savings if you do early.

Thanks, saved me a phone call. Never the less, am going to do the eval, if it lives up to the marketing then we’ll see. There is always a got you. Hate deceptive marketing doesn’t speak well of management and save the slight of hand for the magic act or the battlefield.

Are you in house support or are you an MSP? I ask because Automox’s web site had a one liner about supporting “your clients.” Wonder if pricing is different or will they snake you after you get people on the system. Do want to get MSPs I refer business to upset because they refer business to me. The murky waters of software need sonar.

For simplicity we are “In House” but our company is very wide, and we treat each department/location as a client.

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Thanks for the clairity. Would like to hear from any third party support folks using Automox especially those supporting Linux and or Mac along with Windows.

We’ve been trialing the product on Mac’s and Windows machines. It seems to function well on both. I know for some RMM’s managing Mac updates is problematic. Automox seems to deal with Mac’s well. I like the product well enough, but I’m no fan of sales tactics.

I just received this in my email:

"I am reaching out to let you know that licensing costs for Automox will be increasing starting May 1st, 2019. Before the pricing change takes effect, we want to make sure that current prospects working with my sales team have the opportunity to lock in the current rate for the next year. We don’t want you to miss out on the ability to keep your devices patched.

How is Automox Pricing changing?

  • The current BASIC plan will now be called PATCH and costs for an annual plan will increase from $1.60/month to $3.00/month per endpoint. Cost for a monthly license will increase from $2.00/month to $4.00/month per endpoint. The ability to create Required Software Policies and Custom Policies will become part of MANAGE and will not be available with the PATCH license.
  • The current FULL plan will now be called MANAGE and costs for an annual plan will increase from $4.00/month to $5.00/month per endpoint. Cost for a monthly license will increase from $5.00/month to $6.00/month per endpoint."

All I need to know.

Sounds like the VCs are looking to enhance the revenue stream in advance of IPO or to enhance the stock price??? Let’s suck 'em in then when they become dependent raise the price, call it drug dealer marketing. Yes, I am a cynic.

Like many companies the product/service offered is nothing more than a means to an end. That end is money, and lots of it. Nothing wrong with making money, but I believe strongly HOW one makes it matters. I was suspicious before, and the email I received confirmed those suspicions. I’ll pass.

CEO - Jay Prassl
CMO - Holly Hamann
VP Sales - Drew Madison

@SCS-Tech I am in agreement with you, the HOW is what will sustain your business. Do it right and you do it once and the financial rewards will be yours. Integrity and ethics still count.