Automated backup of Cloud Key Gen2+ with rclone

A few days ago I tried to set up rclone, so it would take a copy of the auto generated backups from both the Unifi Controller, and also the backups from Unifi Protect.

Setting up rclone was super easy, and I just used it to ssh into the cloud key with root as user, and then the password I have set for the cloud key. The biggest task was actually to find where the backups were stored, so here they are

Unifi Controller

Unifi Protect

I have also enabled rclone to link with my dropbox, so I with a cronjob I am now getting backups taken, and directly copied to my Dropbox.

# Backup of Unifi controller auto backups
rclone copy unifi:/srv/unifi/data/backup/autobackup Dropbox:/Backups/Unifi

# Backup of Unifi protect auto backups
rclone copy unifi:/etc/unifi-protect/backups Dropbox:/Backups/Unifi-Protect

Notice, the “unifi” and “Dropbox” are the names I have the configs which rclone use when it connects to the different devices.

Making the initial connection to each device is probably better explained on the site itself. I just wanted to provide the paths for the backups generated, as that was actually the biggest task in this. :grinning:

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