Authenticator Apps?

What 2fa/mfa apps do you guys use? I’ve been using a combo of Google and Authy for work/personal. Would love to get away from Authy as I just dislike it.

They have not had an update in a while, but I have not had any issues with this tool.

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Can I ask the reason against Authy? Works really well. Duo works well too

I’ve been using Duo for a good number of years and have never had any issues with it.

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Personally I use Google Authenticator or Lastpass Authenticator.

Thanks Tom! I could recall you had mention something, but I don’t remember.

I just dislike the UI. I would rather be straight forward. on iPhones you have to swipe up and then choose. I would rather just be able to line up by scrolling and bam.

If I wanted to move from google authenticator to Authenticator Plus, how would I go about this? Is there a FAQ I can read. Im on a iPhone, so I don’t believe I can use the Authenticator Plus import tool.

I think you have to add new authenticator to each login manually.


You are correct, that what I just did. Thanks.

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I use the authenticator app provided by the last Pass Devs its called Last Pass Authenticator, I like this one its easy to use and it backs up your 2fa instances in the cloud (encrypted) so if you switch devices you still have access to the same 2fa codes. with me slowly switching all my logins to 2fa having a app that lets me store 2fa code generation behind encryption similar to their password manager makes it much easier then resetting 2fa everytime i get a new device.

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How’s the compatibility of Duo with Bitwarden and the likes?

I am not using Duo with Bitwarden, but it is supported

I use DUO as well and so do my cloud hosted customers.

Awesome thanks, think I’l be making the switch from Authy.

Thought it worth reviving this thread to mention Aegis Authenticator for the Android users out there. Have been using it for over a year now. It is open source ( and is still being actively updated.

Some of the features I’ve come to appreciate

  • Encrypted vault (AES-256-GCM) - password and biometric unlocks
  • Export and automatic backup capability
  • Import from other authenticators (including Authenticator Plus) :slight_smile:
  • Grouping and organization
  • Custom icons