Authentication/Management for Linux Systems

I really want to get into being a linux admin, but I am not sure what is used for device management, and authentication.

I am playing around a bit with openVPN, but if someone wanted to get into linux dev, what are some applications to look at for managing large amounts of machines(Like an open source RMM).


Foreman is a big name right now.

Thanks, that actually looks very nice.
Is openLDAP good for central authentication? Would you ever run it in a business?

I have only ever really worked with Windows Server Environments, so I am trying to sort of design a set of linux that performs the needed tasks in a company.

I’m using FreeIPA, which has LDAP built in

For user management / file sharing I use Zentyal at a couple of sites and it seems to work ok and works as a windows domain. I’ve not tested with windows 10 though so ymmv.

If you are looking for automation tools then ansible and puppet. Docker maybe to automate building systems.