Auditing Clients / Updates / etc


How do you audit/manage your Clients?
Like what system do you use to get an overview of all your Client Systems and when to do System Upgrades (Like Windows/Linux Version Upgrades, Software Updates, etc.) ?
Where do you get an overview of what Software is installed on a Client on each Customer Site and where a a PFsense or an Unifi or whatever Router System is installed?

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We are using the Solarwinds suite of software to keep up with updates and applications for our managed Windows clients. Most all of the Linux system we maintain are set to do automated update.


Yeah but the automated Update (unattended-upgrades?) will not Upgrade the OS (Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 for example) right?
How do you track the OS Versions?
We got the Problem that we got seperate Documents for every Customer and no central List/Service/… and got no overview of when to Upgrade the Customers Servers/Systems.
Any suggestions? OpenSource prefered :slight_smile: