Audio Streaming via LAN App

What are some recommendation on software (preferably available on FreeBSD) to live stream an audio source (linein) to my local network?

It doesn’t have to be complex, just something to get the audio feed to stream via LAN.

Not really sure I understand your question. Stream the audio to where? Are you wanting something like a live podcast or radio?

Just to a local url.


VLC can serve media over HTTP:

Not sure whether it can capture an analog audio source or if this is only possible with local media files though.

Something like arecord, but also able to stream over http.

Maybe (probably) it can be done with ffmpeg. I played around with it for some time, but the process would always die when I stopped playback in VLC. Maybe you have more luck / patience.

If that doesn’t work, a more involved solution would be to setup your personal streaming server. I remember nginx can do HLS from experimenting with that myself some time ago (you stream to nginx via RTMP and nginx then offers the stream over HTTP).

MediaMTX is another program I found, but haven’t looked into it.