Attaching an exported VHD to a VM in XCP-ng

Hi everyone. I want to attach a VHD of an exported VM from Proxmox to a VM in XCP-ng. After digging around, the best solution to migrate the VMs from Proxmox to XCP-ng was to convert the qcow2 to vhd using qemu-convert and attach them to a VM in XCP-ng. However, I can’t figure out how I can do that. Can this be done with XCP-ng Center or can it be done only with Xen Orchestra?

Not something that I have tried, might want to ask in the XCP-NG forum Home | XCP-ng forum

This is my method for moving between hypervisors

Is this still current?

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Yes, that is another way to get that done.

My XCP-ng’s local storage is lvm. Since I’m moving the VMs from Proxmox to XCP-ng and lvm was being used in Proxmox, I thought it would be better to do it like that. How would I go about restoring the vhd for lvm type storage?

I have no idea which is why I did it with EXT.

Yeah I installed XCP-ng on my other hard drive and used EXT. I figured that would be simpler and it was. However, now that I’ve gotten the VHD(using a Ubuntu 19.10 for testing and used Ubuntu 18.04 template because I couldn’t see 19.10). The vhd-util check said that the vhd is valid and I was able to link it however, the imported Ubuntu VM doesn’t boot up and just gets stuck in the booting process.