At a complewte loss on why HAProxy doesn't redirect to half my domains

Tom, I really love the HAProxy videos and the troubleshooting as well. I have followed them to a tee but it is possible after multiple tries, I am just missing something that keeps it all from working.

So I have a single backend server running (6) instances of Ghost blog on a single ip address at port 80. Each instance resolves correctly via their unique FQDN locally. In my internal DNS I have all (6) urls resolving to my WAN IP address.

Here is the link to the the dig requests dig.txt -

My admin console is not on 443 and I have the webconfigurator redirect rule disabled.

Firewall rules in place for 443 and 80

My haproxy config is haproxy.cfg -

I can access all (6) websites internally. This tells me that the HAProxy appears to be partially working. However, I can only access the ischeme and dg4u domains externally. Makes me wonder what is happening outside of my firewall. I have everything configured identically on DigitalOcean using their name servers. My register for the domains all point to the DO nameservers. But when I use 24/7 to check and compare websites I cannot get to my other (4) urls. Is this an HAProxy issue at all? Any insight by anyone on what might be going on here would be greatly appreciated.


All, I cannot believe I am such an idiot but sometimes the simplest of errors are so easily overlooked.

After deducing that for some reason traffic was not getting to my IP for two of my domains I began to earnestly look into testing access external from my environment. Simply by happen-stance I was reviewing the dns entries on intodns in a side-by-side comparison between a working domain and a non-working domain and only just realized the the first octet for the domain that worked was 96 and the first octet for the domain not-working was 95.

I proceeded to smack my head against the wall repeatedly.

The small print made the 5 look very much like a 6, especially when quickly scrolling through the data. After correcting the IP addresses on y non-working dns entries, all is now working.

Thanks again Tom for your videos and keep them coming. I have not looked yet but I am on to putting together a nextcloud/collabra server. I will look to see if you have a video on that. If not, I look forward to the day when you do create one. Thanks again.