Asustor NAS experience

I notice that there is almost no mention of other NAS brands than Synology.
I am almost afraid to post this here… Any reason that there are no other brands reviewed or discussed here?
I have some experience with a Synology DS1815+ and am looking to replace it with a newer model.
Am looking at the DS1819+ and the Asustor AS6508t (Lockerstor 8). The Asustor has 2 built in 10 GBe ports and 2 NVMe M.2 slots, for just $60 more, which saves $190 on the adapter card.
Anyone else with experience on the Asustor brand or both?

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I suppose it depends what you want, as a file server most NAS’s are pricey. Though they are usually compact and just work without too much fuss.

Where they don’t have good competition is for IP cameras, there aren’t too many alternatives that just work.

QNAPs are what I have, mainly use them as a file server, always on torrent box and for their IP camera stuff.

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FreeNAS is used by a lot of people for home networks too. I think Synology is probably the best one for value and they are so easy to use. Personally I use Synology, S3, and NetApp. Most people aren’t willing to buy enterprise grade storage though.

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Will primarily be used as file/database backup and archive. Don’t want to deal with a self made box anymore, because of business reliability and continuity. A turnkey box is more suitable.

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I don’t care if people talk about other products here, but they don’t make my channel because I don’t use them or have the time to look into them. There are a lot of companies out there offering products but there is only a finite amount of time to evaluate products and consider them for a solution. Smaller non-open source companies are not usually on my list. Also much of my channel is based on products we use which is why I can offer much more than a basic “I tried this for a couple weeks” type of review. At the end of the day, just choose the NAS that works best for you. :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

I understand completely. Nobody on Earth will ever have the time to review all. Not even dedicated labs or magazines. That’s why forums exist, so we can all exchange thoughts. As an IT guy in a company, when the boss asks ‘why not this or that’ it’s a bit difficult to just say ‘is what I’m used too’… I’m trying to find the best that works, both technically and economically, hence me asking other people’s experience and opinion. Also, when comparing, it keeps the competition sharp, so the next model will have the needed options for a better price. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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For home users I’d agree but for companies I don’t have much sympathy, quantify requirements and evaluate the options however this will cost.
As for keeping the competition sharp, I don’t see much of that, these boxes are pretty basic and I’m sure QNAP / Synology et al are looking for some kinda subscription model. As I have a QNAP I see they are now building PCI cards, switches and routers, not sure how much more you can add to these NAS boxes.