Asus zenwifi pro xt12 or et12

This routers have triggered my minds eyes. Home use. From the specifications there is one feature i don’t understand.

Dedicated backhall for either ethernet or wireless. You need one mesh node at least for this feature. From the router lan you connect ethernet to wan on the node. 5Ghz band. You log in to the web interface and hit the use backhall button.

Do anybody here know what a dedicated backhall is ? Is it more secure ? Like some kind of vLan ?

It just looks like the option to connect the router to an access point, either WiFi or ethernet. WiFi in theory could be faster.

I have installed many of these and the predecessor ET8. The dedicated backhaul whether it is wired or wireless is carved out for the communication between the parent and nodes. You can designate the 6E GHz band on the ET8 and ET12 for dedicated wireless backhaul while saving the 2.4 and 5 GHz for other devices.