Assistance with setting up remote access to home network with a pfSense router via Wireguard

Hello all,

I am pretty new with advanced networking, but I am pretty good at following instructions. I recently got started with pfSense and got my home network running smoothly, including setting up an OpenVPN server and limiting its access to a single device so I could remotely access a specific work-related PC. Very proud of myself for that one :wink:

So now I want to set up a general-use VPN for my iPhone and I am under the impression that wireguard is a better standard/format for that kind of full-time-access system. I went through a tutorial but cant get the handshake step to go green. I have reviewed several tutorials by now and cant figure out the problem.

My home network has 3 subnets: 192.168.4.x-7.x (almost everything is in here); 192.168.10.x (isolated subnet for that single work device I use OpenVPN to access), 192.168.20.x (an empty port on the pfSense box for emergency access)

I tried putting the Wireguard devices in the 192.168.11.x range, so I dont think I have any IP conflicts. What else could I be missing? Have a look at the detailed screenshots in the imgur album below and let me know if there are any additional logs or settings pages that would be helpful.

various settings pages

Thank you for any help or ideas you may have!

You can always set-up a second OpenVPN RAS on a different port number and it will work without any issues.


I actually did that already! So right now i have the OpenVPN assigning if you come in via port 1255 - and that is limited access to the 192.168.10.x subnet. I also have OpenVPN assigning if you come in via port 1254 - and I “limit” that tunnel to so I can access local resources and pull all data through the tunnel.

But I am trying to get Wireguard working now because I understand it to be a ‘lighter’ protocol so it should be faster. If I can get both protocols (wireguard and OpenVPN) working alongside each other on the same hardware, I can run a true apples-apples comparison and see if wireguard really is faster.

Thank you for the thoughts!