Assistance with PIA NextGen with PFSENSE, DNS over TLS, PFBlockerng

Hi all,

I recently moved from an ‘ISP router (forwarding not bridge) > PFSense’ to ‘VDSL Modem > PFSense (PPPoE)’ setup.

I had all services (except DNS over TLS) in the subject line working with the first setup (ISP router > PFSense), but for some reason I could not change to the PPPoE setup. Anyway, I decided to go back to factory default and set up the PPPoE and the rest from scratch. I have everything working, including VLANs and PFBlocker.

But for whatever reason, I simply cannot get PIA to work now. I am able to setup the PIA client and can see the status is up (receiving IP addresses etc). The issue ‘seems’ to be when I set the outbound NAT rules. Here I am simply copying the existing WAN rules and changing them to reflect the VPN. But for whatever reason, the internet (DNS presumbly) just seems to fail - pages not loading. This is without me even assigning interfaces and selecting the VPN gateway (for desired VLANs).

I have tried setting the above up several times now, with different guides on-line (all very slightly different to each other). But issue with DNS/pages not loading occurs each time.

I am not too familar with diagnostics/at what point/how the failure is occuring. Does having DNS over TLS enabled with system wide DNS set to Cloudflare; PFBlocker make a difference to how things are set up for PIA?

As I say, I used to have everything above (minus DNS over TLS) working with the ISP router > PFSense (used LTS PIA video, which worked first time). It may be something simply, but my mind has got to a stage where it’s not thinking straight. Plus, I need to maintain an internet connection for my work and family use, so keep having to restore a non-PIA PFSense config (!)

Any help as what might the issue would be appreciated.

Ok, as suspected, it was DNS related (of course!). I needed to specify a Gateway in the General Setting > DNS Server Settings.