Assistance on Zoiper and FreePBX Registration on local network

I know I am bad but I leave items and come back later. I have had FreePBx working for a while with a Sangoma phone no issues. I setup a X-Lite on my Mac when I first set this up and it worked fine. X-lite has since did some changes so I am trying to setup Zoiper on my mobile and registration keeps failing on wifi (local) network.

I am putting in the usernmane = extension, domain = PBX IP, and appropriate password and no avail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If I have to I will tear down the entire setup just to get familiar with it but I am likely missing something simple and/or trivial. Thanks guys!

Just coming back to this been super busy and if anyone has the capacity to give a suggestion greatly appreciated. I can’t get Zoiper to work on my Android device being on wifi and or cellular (using openvpn and having firewall adjusted on FreePBX). But I just downloaded Jitsi (open source) and it works no problem on my machines. Is it that Zoiper doesn’t like my setup any other suggestion. I likely should have tested before paying a fee :frowning:

@LTS_Tom if you have a chance what do you think or suggest your way more versed in open source than me :slight_smile:

why dont you add the phone and freepbx to the zerotier network…

thats what i have done and it works great…

try it out…

It has issues connecting on local wifi so I decided to open a ticket with Zoiper for Android. Maybe Note is having issues. I didn’t think Zerotier would work for voice that is great to know!!!

Disregard crap luck, I just tried to use it with my Note 9 no issues my Note 10 just doesn’t like it. Case submitted to Zoiper I feel better now but frustrated as all get out.