Assigning network depending on OS on a dualboot machine

Hi all!

So what id like to do is to have the network switch assign the correct vlan to the port this machine is connected to based on which OS is booted on the machine. At the moment im doing this by switching vlans inside the switch manually but its pretty tedious…

Is there an automated way i could do this?

Firewal: custom pfsense
Switch: T2600G-28TS

MAC-based VLAN (where at least one of the OS overrides the MAC address so they differ) or 802.1X comes to mind.


Tried MAC VLAN, it works with the mac belonging to the vlan that is the pvid of the port, but the other vlan and mac combo doesnt. Interistingly it gets an ipv4 address but otherwise it doesnt have any network connectivity…

Never mind, set the wrong link type accidentally… :flushed:

Works flawlessly, thanks!