Assign vlan to bridge in pfSense

Hi, I have 6 port PC from Alibaba which I am using with pfSense for my router. I have 1 WAN port and the rest 5 ports are bridged. The bridge is assigned to LAN.
I have two access points (Unifi) on port 3 and port 4. I have a vlan for IoT devices and I would like to have a separate IoT SSID as well.
The issue is that I can only assign the vlan to a specific interface - igb3 or igb4. In pfSense I don’t see option to assign the vlan to the bridge or “LAN” or multiple interfaces. When I assign the vlan to either interface the wifi and everything works OK but only on the corresponding access point.
Is this limitation in pfSense or is there any other way I can work around the issue?

An option will be create two vlans, and two different SSIDs and configure the routing between them if necessary but this seems like a messy solution.

I don’t recommend bridging ports, get a switch that can handle VLANS.

I know bridging is not recommended, but also running a pfSense from alibaba box is also not recommended :wink:
I didn’t put it in the original post but I have switches before the access points. They pass the vlans correctly. My network has a tree like structure,
The only issue seems to be to pass the same vlan on two pfsense interfaces simultaneously.