Assign V-Lan for VPN user

Hi again :slight_smile:

i have one question.

my setup is working exept from one small issue now.
in my ignorance i thought that when you in the user setup can choose VLAN that i could set a vlan 5 for the network and that even though my VPN is that the user would be connected to the 50 VLAN but no.

what am i missing ?
is it tunnel type ?
or is it just impossible ? if so why the … do we have the option Vlan in the user menu ?

also i cant get any firewall rueles to apply for the VPN user :frowning:
anyone ?


Are you using pfsense?

Sorry, missed some information. no UDM Pro :slight_smile:

We don’t really use the UniFi routing equipment, their forums would probably be more help. But the VPN is very limited on features with the UDM.

darn it :slight_smile: thanks Tom