Aruba Instan On Looking for a REAL REVIEW

Hello guys i have been using Unifi Products for the last 5 years ROCK SOLID, but now the new Aruba Instant On Family looks good I as the video that Tom makes but I need a REAL WORLD review from people that have to use Unifi.

According to a local distributor, the AP11 is the equivalent of UAP-AC-PRO that sound like BS to me the AP11 cost USD $79 Vs the $136.99 AC-PRO

I haven’t used Aruba InstantOn specifically, but I have used the similar Aruba enterprise access points (the ones running software that expects to be connected to a controller with licensing).

Compared to the Ruckus R510 (AC Wave 2 in-wall AP), the Aruba 303H (AC Wave 2 in-wall AP), runs hotter and has a lower radio strength. For the first one, at a hotel with the AP mounted behind the TVs along with the IPTV box, with the Aruba 303H the IPTV box kept overheating, and when the Ruckus R510 was placed there instead there was no more heat problem. For the second issue, Aruba recommended to us to deploy one 303H per hotel room while Ruckus recommends 1 R510 every other hotel room. We confirmed that at “full power” the Aruba had 1/3 to 1/2 the signal strength in equivalent situations. So a lot of the power the device uses ends up being emitted as heat instead of RF. This higher heat output was common across most of the Aruba APs we compared. The low output signal strength was only an issue for the In-Wall, because they specifically designed it for being in every room. We prefered Ruckus because you can always turn the radio power down (and should do so - don’t leave all APs at full power unless the spacing is very sparse).

Spec wise here’s a few APs from InstantOn and Unifi:
AP11 - 802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2
AP12 - 802.11ac Wave 2, 3X3
AP15 - 802.11ac Wave 2, 4X4
UAP-AC-LITE - 802.11ac Wave 1, 2X2
UAP-AC-PRO - 802.11ac Wave 1, 3X3
UAP-nanoHD - 802.11ac Wave 2, 4X4

What this doesn’t include is the max radio power transmit output, which Unifi puts in their datasheets but Aruba doesn’t, antenna design, and receive sensitivity.

Hi, recently I bought AP12. I can answer any question you may want about it.

Also interested in this. They have an AP22 which is wifi 6 but has a 2x2 antenna array for the same price at the U6LR from Unifi.

I always open to try new vendors so I was looking at them or TPLINK Omada