Aruba 1930 switches - good cost-saving measure?

Hi all, I’m looking at deploying a new wireless solution at a business I’m contracting with, and so far it seems like Ruckus wireless is in the lead. I’m waiting on a quote for Ruckus unleashed APs and ICX7150 switches, but from what I can tell so far the ICX series is a little pricey compared to the Aruba 1930, which seems to offer the same features (at least the ones that I care about). I basically just need L2 PoE switches with at least 24 ports.

That all being said, is there a compelling reason for me to go with the Ruckus switches instead of Aruba should the option be presented? I know that Aruba is web GUI only, not my favorite but if it saves me $700 per switch I’ll take the hit!

The Aruba Instant On have a incldued cloud Management Option. Together with their Instant On Access Points this is a great setup for smaller sites. (<20 AP) the AP22 does Wi-Fi 6 and a relative small price. Combined with the Switches it is a no brainer for small sites / offices.

If you just want the ports and PoE you could have a look at some Aruba 2530-24G-PoE+ - this is what I use for mostly all site network structures. If you need 10G go for 2540 instead, but makes it more pricy.