Aruba 1930 PoE - Noise 24 port vs 8 port

Hey short question, maybe someone already tried both.
Recently I had my hands on some Aruba Instant On 1930 Switches + their APs. Going to use for small site customers, so far quite happy with it.

I now bought a 1930 24 Port PoE+ switch, that thing is damn loud. Have a customer whith a small telco rack in the hallway. Actually planned to use the 24 poe but this thing is so loud it is not much different than my brocade datacenter switches :wink:

Did anybody had a comparison how the small 8 port PoE Instant On switch performs in case of noise?

Eventually I put him a 24 port non POE in the rack + 1x 8 Port PoE if it is much quiter.

Thanks for your thought

This says the 8 port versions (both POE and non-POE) are fanless. Cf. table on page 6.

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Oh thanks for spotting that. Fanless would be a great thing for that location compared to 60.5 dB for the 24p :stuck_out_tongue: