Aruba 1930 Locked Out!

Edit: now fixed.

Solution below for anyone else with same problem.

First time around I wasn’t seeing the save icon - it didn’t show. Second time round I wasn’t waiting long enough for the save icon (as it didn’t appear first time around so didn’t expect it). As this switch seems slow I waited a while between steps then noticed the save icon does eventually appear, just have to be quite patient.


I just took the plunge and bought an Aruba 1930. I am having problems though logging into it.

I was logged on using the default credentials using local management, guides me through creating my own username and password. I’ve then changed the ip config to static and it’s logged me out, fine.

I cannot log back in though using my new username and password or even the default admin.

I’ve reset the switch and gone back through it again but it’s happening again. My password is correct and I have it saved in Firefox too (not that I need it to).

Not impressed with this thing so far to be honest.

Has anyone else had this and have you overcome it?