Arista / Untangle Home ending

I have not seen this mentioned here yet.

“Arista is ending the sale and renewal of all NG Firewall Home subscription plans. The last day to renew a current subscription is April 30, 2024. After your Home subscription reaches the end of the term, it will revert to NG Firewall Free with basic connectivity and security features.”

This was sent to those with a home license, I did not see it come to my company email that has a full license along with a home license for the GM.

It was a bargain for $50 / year.

So it looks like I will be shopping for a new home firewall once again. PFsense, OPNsense & Sophos home are all on the table again.


I brought it up in my last live stream, I have not decided if I want to make video about it due to Untangle becoming less and less popular. Unless they changed things, Sophos requires a registration and licence to active for the free home use edition which means they could end it whenever they want. The best choice for full open source would be pfnense CE, (or pfsense plus because you can go back to CE with the same config) but I shy away from OPNSense as they are slow on security updates OPNSense VS pfsense Security

Sophos still requires registration so that has not changed. Then again any package that relies on external IPS /IDS data could change their license at any time. The whole software as a service thing, you own nothing and pay.

What I liked about Untangle was its ability to email a daily report and have a cloud server for remote access and management.

My GM’s house that I have to support his home network only has a 20MB DSL internet connection with a dynamic IP only option at the moment. It is saturated with streaming HD video most of the time.

Trees block Starlink, putting the dish up higher is a lighting risk… Cable is 800 feet away with a $200,000 install. Fiber no plans in the area…

So maybe a video or a list of how to setup PFsense to do the same functionality of untangle.

There is currently not a first party centrally managed platform for pfsense, third parties exist but I don’t really want to give control of my firewall to a third party. There is also not a daily report email in pfsense the same as untangle.

I wonder how many Untangle Home customers will shift into the UniFi eco system.

I’ve always thought untangled was a terrible firewall. Then arista or whatever their name is made it so much worst.

I’d never seen it outside of Home space. I imagine Arista wanted some of the IP for their security architecture stack elsewhere and Untangle was a byproduct

I’d choose Sophos XG light years ahead of Untangle.

UniFi interesting today re where they fit / heading.

Currently using pfsense at home, parents and UniFi express at a family member.

I’ll prob switch parents to UniFi pending what used deals I can find. There were 2 x NanoHD a while back for £100. I’d go Ultra GW for them.

To fix your low bandwidth issue and also your remote manage problem by going away from Untangle, I would try the following setup you could get a line-of-sight between two Nano Beams devices:

-Setup a secured metal box outside near where the ISP cable ends (or fiber is you have it there) on the land of your GM
-Install the ISP’s stuff in it (be sure it is waterproof and rodent-proof
-Then get yourself a pair of Unifi AirMax NanoBeam and set one at this point to be connected to your ISP’s modem
-Install the other Unifi AirMax NanoBeam on the house and then connect that last one back to whatever firewall you want - maybe the Unifi Express would be enough and you could manage it via the Unifi cloud itself.

Rural area…

Providers do not care about a couple of houses. They want someone to fund there expansion

Being its against the TOS of the providers you can not just bridge to another subscribers house.

We already looked at that idea.