Arista Networks acquires Untangle

Arista Networks acquires Untangle by the looks of things. Don’t know much about Arista Networks.

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Have any more info about this? All I can find is this post, which I guess you may have seen as well?

As far as Arista Networks, they are a serious enterprise networking company, dealing in datacenter and campus switching, and wireless via acquisition of Mist wireless a few years ago. Mist was respectable and from everything I’ve heard Arista has made it even better.

Edit: correction, I screwed it up. Mist went to Juniper. Arista acquired Mojo wireless, which I know very little about, other than using them for wireless intrusion prevention years ago.

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Arista is a top vendor in the Enteprise and DC routing and switching space. Deployed quite a few. Solid gear.
I wonder whats the play here…stay tuned I guess

Cheap easy acquisition for something particular?

Indeed watch this space.

Arista probably see s an opportunity in the SMB space or is looking for a base to build an enterprise / DC product on. Either way could be a win win for Arista.

I’ve worked with Aristas before and they were easy to use since many of the commands were the same as Cisco’s, but I still have concerns considering their $400M settlement with Cisco. I knew of companies that weren’t able to get replacement switches due to the copyright infringement. Also, I’m pretty sure Untangles pricing will increase meaning other options will now be more attractive.

Fred, maybe you had dealings with a shady vendor, but there are absolutely no restrictions on Arista switches due to “copyright infringement”. The court case was settled years ago, and Cisco lost, (the goal was to kill Arista) despite some hits Arista took financially.


Article here, Cisco won and then lost.

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Yup, that’s a good point. Also, I didn’t work with them directly so I would consider that hearsay.

Arista’s is probably looking to enter the MID SMB market considering both Cisco and Pala Alto have entered that space. A very large market and yes we could see some of the higher end tech in the Untangle line.

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Complete rebrand, so very much identity change.

Arista CUE

I have stuck with Untangle for 10 years and have been very comfortable recommending to my customers. A huge company coming and buying them out makes me nervous. I had started looking at pfsense as it seems similar but am wondering about other solutions like fortinet or Watchguard. I see watchguard has an MSP program and training. Maybe this old dog can learn some new tricks…lol. My bread and butter is small business and I want to have a solution that has good support as I have not played a lot with other routers.

I really liked Watchguard in the two years I was professionally installing them, working for an MSP. Of the comparable SMB firewall offerings, it is most similar to Untangle for the front page dashboard and drilling down into data. But some of their decisions and methods are just bizarre. You will never figure out how to do a port forward without following their documentation, and even once you’re done a few of them you’ll feel like there’s no way this configuration should result in a port being forwarded.

Watchguard has put a lot of work into their on-device HTTPS GUI, so you aren’t required to use their Windows-only config program for most things. The only part that it was required for as of early 2020 was making a new HA cluster.

That being said, I’m going to stick with Untangle for myself and continue to recommend it, until Arista shows their hand as to their plans.

Well hold on. Don’t look at pfsense for content control if you’re not going to do Untangle. Application control isn’t in pfsense wheelhouse

I like the Fortinet product line for SMB, but if I can get them to spend a little more I recommend Palo Altos.