Araknis Networks

Anyone have any experience with Araknis Networks routers, switches, and APs? They have some cloud management called Ovrc which seems pretty interesting. I’m taking over a client with equipment already in place. Just looking to get some input on whether I should suggest replacing to Ubiquiti.

Their web site is super vague about the products and have they gone through any security testing or vetting?

@LTS_Tom The vetting and security are my exact concern. I can’t find anything concrete about the cloud management or the equipment. I’ve never worked with this product but the client is a bit reluctant to just replace their entire infrastructure.

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From what I’ve seen of them Araknis targets MSPs who do smart home stuff, their OvrC platform isn’t just remote management but also helps you monitor and troubleshoot AV, home automation, and other equipment. I only know of them what I’ve seen via CE Pro

Red flags, search for CVEs and do some tests with Open VAS as a start grab pcaps take a thorough look at what is going on. Let the client know of your concerns and that you cannot or take responsibility for support of systems you cannot verify. Be cautious before exposing yourself to liability.

I have used the OvrC web-app and its basically a glorified web-dashboard with very limited configuration and the ability to toggle PoE, see connectivity status (of WAN connected devices). Their web-interfaces are basic and clunky, but they do have a reasonable feature-set. They’re part of the greater line of SnapAV products that are only available through large distributors which makes it easy to ensure that clients need to come back to you rather than buying from retail outlets. As @brwainer said, mainly targeted at users who want basic, convenient remote management to power-cycle troublesome devices, etc. and it seems like a solution that is more valuable to the distributor/salesperson Their router supports up to 20 vlans and only yes/no configuration of inter-vlan routing on a per-vlan basis. The firewall is only for north-south traffic which is a deal-breaker for me personally. Also, Araknis does not sell a 48-Port switch with POE, only 8, 16, and 24 port with PoE. They also offer ports on the front or rear of the device, but I don’t see a good reason for that other than marketing a clean yet difficult to maintian rack. All-in-all, I’m not a fan–I’m spoiled by Ubiquiti’s combination of feature-set, intuitive and clean interfaces, and price point.