APT Package Management: Backup and Reinstall Packages Using APT Clone

A few people asked why I don’t make full image backups of my Linux desktop/laptop and why reloading is not really a big deal. It’s all about package management.


Hmm…sounds like you could combine this with an ansible script to make it more automatic including auto downloads of config files from your git hub. And last note…I thought bash was so yesteryear😜. All the cool kids are using zsh with oh my zsh.

I noted that if you have ppa’s that you have set up for a later version of software than is default for the OS version, you need to copy the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ to your new machine otherwise the version of the software will not be as expected.
If you maintain all of your ppa’s in the source.list file, then that might be OK.
Surprised that apt-clone doesn’t pick this up.
OR - I could have missed something!