Approve Edits on Shared files


I need to manage a share(sync) between my workplace and some external groups. It needs to be setup such that, edits can be approved by a team lead before being written into a master folder. Team members should only read from the master. I saw, g-suite had a similar feature but I am not so sure about how effective it will be since we will be working with other file types than docs, sheets and slides.

Is there a nice way of achieving this?


What kind of files will you be using? Are we talking MS Office files, proprietary project files, purely text-based files, etc.?

For the latter, Git could be a feasible solution, although not exactly user-friendly. For non-text-based files, Git can work as well if no two persons want to edit based off the same starting point, but it can get messy very quickly so I wouldn’t recommend it in that case.

We’ll be using CAD files mostly.