AP-AC Pro failed?

So one of the AP-AC Pros in my home when offline a little while ago. It had a white blinking ring. I did a power cycle on the port switch and now it doesn’t even power up. I’ve tried holding down the reset button to see if anything happens, and it doesn’t. I’m thinking it’s dead. Anyone have any other ideas to try?

Are you under warranty? Ubiquiti will probably walk you through troubleshooting and if it’s toast then they will probably send you a new one. If you aren’t then I’ve only seen this happen 1 time ever. It happen to someone I know but I don’t remember the steps they took but eventually it came back to life.

Nope, out of warranty. It’s been running for a little over 4 years. I ordered a new one. I’ll use this as a spare or for testing if I can get it back up and running.

So, I’ve had time to do some digging on this issue. It looks like there a quite a few older units that are affected by bad PoE chips or something along those lines. I need to see if I have a PoE injector to confirm that it is the same issue, but it sure sounds like it at the moment.

The issue is defined here. The initial RMA will be denied, but then email rma@ubnt.com with the forum post and RMA# and it’ll be replaced. Looks like they’re still doing it as of a month ago. So I’ll give it a shot.

I am very pleasantly surprised that the RMA was approved. Props to them for still covering a manufacturing defect more than 3 years after the warranty ended.

That is great to hear! Glad you are getting it replaced.