AP AC LR No Internet Connection


I’m having issue with the UAP LR i configured on one of my client house, the issue seems that if the Access Point has no activity for a week (no one is connecting to it for 5 days), the connection will be unstable (can connect to AP but no internet connection) after I restart the AP the internet connection will be restored (on AP’s and on two wireless repeaters, take note that the LAN connection on Smart TV’s are working, does the device has power saving mode when no one is connecting on it? If yes how can I remove it. Thanks.

There is not any power saving mode by default, try a different power brick.

Thanks for the reply, but what do you mean by ‘try a different power brick’? Its currently connected to the POE Adapter included, i have setup two WiFi Routers, one is the UAP LR and on is a D-Link Router (Another SSID) and the DLink Router doesn’t have issue.

I think what Tom is suggesting is a power issue and trying a different PoE Adapter would be a troubleshooting step. I would also suggest trying a different network cable between the PoE Adapter & AP, and Adapter & Switch.