Anyone using Synology Routers?

How is the feature set? Would this be as good as Untangle or Pfsense?

Check out Crosstalk review -

I would say designed for home, or small business users where Untangle / PFSense is more big business

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About 3 weeks ago I swapped my Synology RT2600ac + 2x MR2200ac devices for a Netgate 6100 firewall and I’ve dusted off my 3x Meraki MR33 accesspoints which I still had lying around.

The Synology is a wonderful device, the same look and feel as their NAS software, just brilliant.
I wanted something else so I bought the Negate, just because I like to play withe different hardware.

To be honest the Synology firewall can do more and it can do less than PfSense, is’t not better or worse, it is just different. Synology does alot and more straight out of the box, it is limited to 5 vlans and it’s not as flexible (or professional) as PfSense, but you’d have to be very demanding if you’d out grow the Synology kit.