Anyone here using Proxmox backup server and managed to properly backup VM or dirs to an attached ZFS storage pool?

A couple of weeks ago I tried everything… Mounting it locally on the backup server VM, creating the dedicated ZFS user in truenas, mounting the share as that backup user.

But alwasy got weird erros trying to add it as a datastore…

As an alternative, does anyone have a suggestion to a good opensource backup alternative. Syncthing is no good for this as it cannot backup root folders. I need the backup software to be able to backup root owned files (mailserver and such).

When they first released the Backup Server I couldn’t get it to work for some reason.

I’ve always used the Backup option under Datacentre, it backs up the whole virtual machine according to the timetable I set, to a samba share. So far I didn’t have issues, hence didn’t take the time to inspect the backup server since.

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I need a backup solution to backup my bitwarden/mail server data and other stuff… So not entire VM’s, that is just not practical when backup databases and such.

Last time I checked proxmox server didn’t like backing up to nfs → zfs at all… Apparently only local to the backup server with attached storage… Which is not an option as they are all running on the same physical machine and my truenas (still virtualized as well) runs the zfs pool. Working on seperating that as well but the question remains the same.

Tried rsync from within truenas as well but that didn’t go very well but need to troubleshoot that some more.

Thinkering around with borg on linux… Seems robust… and working as advertised… I’ll got with this for the moment

just follow up on my own question. Using borg backup… Does exactly what I want… Creates a backup repository on my zfs storage. Creates backups (encryped or not) as per my schedule… Cron job to backup eveyr hour… small backup size foot print… works very well. And it backups root owned folders perfectly fine as oposed to syncthing (which of course is a not the same thing but still).