Anyone else store and host QB databases from a Synology NAS?

Long story short I own an MSP, but have a few friends who work for my competitors. They have a few CPA clients as well but all have a server for hosting QuickBooks files that are opened with multi-user mode. Any time I tell them there are cheaper ways to do this. I have all of my clients using multi-user QuickBooks setups running off a Synology NAS. It took a little configuration but I haven’t really had any issues, and it helps them host machines for clients yet still have access to the databases while there clients are accessing them.

Just wondering if anyone else is using a Synology NAS to store QuickBooks databases.

I used to do it locally, but moved to hosting the application via RDS. Added MFA to it and it works great.

What made you guys decide to do that?

Didn’t want to deal with onsite infrastructure.

I didn’t know you could use a Synology to host.
We use a terminal server via RDP thru VPN and DUO 2-factor

Everything other than the application itself on the end users machine is on a Synology NAS. It works just fine from my experience with a few different backup systems in place. My main CPA client with this setup has somewhere in the range of 300-400 clients so the cloud just didn’t make sense. There was initial cost for the infrastructure upgrade was high but with getting his clients setup with remote machines it was quickly “paid off”. He ends up marketing much like some of the cloud systems do, and has picked up roughly 50 users in the last few months.