Anyone else have a client running iRedMail? and or just running iRedMail?

Hello all!

Recently, I was contacted by a company to assist the internal IT with a few issues. They had a horribly configured pfsense box, and a few 10/100 switches. All of the cables were CAT5. This was in addition to some hypervisor issues. All of which were resolved by moving them to some UniFi switches and running some CAT6 throughout the complex. We moved them to a few UniFi AP’s as well.

They asked us to help with another issue, which was with an iRedMail server. After reading the manual, I’m still having issues finding a solution other than rebuilding the server. The server is constantly going down, having delayed incoming/outgoing delays and a ton of DNS issues. I fixed all of the DNS issues, and the server going down, but I think the rest is related to graylogs.

Any time I attempt to make changes to the graylogs, or anything, really within a couple of hours the server stops responding and I have to revert all of the changes. The client doesn’t want to rebuild the server as they think it will cause problems. They don’t understand how but…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

I don’t use iRedMail, but I played around with it years ago but only as a home user and found it too time-consuming to maintain. There was always some manual work involved in upgrades. I then switched to Mail-in-a-Box for a few years and now I use Mailcow.

Regarding your question: There is a hole chapter in the documentation about white/blacklists, greylisting, throttling and more: Manage iRedAPD (white/blacklists, greylisting, throttling and more)

If this doesn’t help you can also buy support directly from the developer: Support

I would also recommend your customer to buy an iRedMail Pro licence, if they use it commercially, which allows them to manage greylisting, whitelists, blacklists, spam policy, quarantined emails etc. via webUI… Features of iRedAdmin-Pro

Just from the work I’ve done and reading the manual it’s not something I would personally use nor recommend.

I tried most if not all of the changes in the Manage iRedMail section on graylisting, etc. But the server would literally crash after making them and I would have to revert the config changes.

This won’t be a company I work with much down the line but they thought the support and iRedAdmin-Pro was a waste of money.

Sorry I can’t help you with the technical details, and I honestly doubt that someone here can. You obviously have dived much deeper into the product than I did at the time I tested it.

Neitherless you definitely should keep complex mail server solutoions always up to date. Generally a mail server suite with all the bells and whistles needs constant maintenance and is nothing you can setup and forget, although there are definitely products out there like e.g. Mailcow which are easier to maintain than iRedMail. But If you are several versions behind, you will likely run into issues with any of the products.

You don’t have to convince me, you have to convince your customer to switch to another product. :wink:

If your customer insists to continue using this product, rebuilding the server with iRedMail Pro would imho still be the best solution. iRedMail Pro is not just about support, it also makes managing the server easier. Or the customer can of course pay you to keep it up to date an manage it. However, I personally would only accept this offer if I had at least the permission to rebuild the server.

I used iredmail in the past now i use this tutorial to setup my mail server: ISPmail tutorials –