Anyone else being asked to downgrade unifi switches

After the most recent firmware and controller software upgrades?
Switch Version:
Firmware Version: 1.16
Software Version: 5.12.35


It looks like there were some DHCP and latency issues with .69 which prompted them to roll back to .66.

Thanks. Where on the Ubiquiti site would I find information like this. I’m sure it’s there and I looked, but obviously not hard enough. A pointer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

( I did check LTS Youtube channel too, Tom :wink:)

I’ve ran into quite a few issues with the latest UniFi updates, though they seem to have fixed themselves now for the most part. I had random devices not receiving DHCP renewals requests until I rebooted the UniFi devices and then it worked fine. According to some posts you may or may not need to rollback the UniFi Controller as well.

You can find information like this one the UniFi forms:

One thread I have been following and posted on about this is:

Looks like Michael gave you the direct link. The general thought process was to go to the Software Release section of the community, go to the Unifi Routing & Switching section, and find the .69 firmware since that was the one getting downgraded. I just jumped to the end to see what the fuss was about instead of reading all 11 or 12 pages.