Any way to get decent help out of Ubiquiti?

Man I have been on chat for three hours with some idiot at Ubiquiti. I just installed and setup a Unifi Dream Machine and two HD-Flex AP’s at a customers house, then the UDM ran a firmware update. After the update the network controller won’t start up. I searched the UI forums and found a guy who had the exact same issue yesterday and was given a beta firmware to correct the issue. I relayed the info to the chat support and it’s been hell since. He can’t seem to understand or be bothered with the problem and solution. Just now after all this time he gave me a link to a 5 month old firmware and said to try that. Are you kidding me?!?!? I’m here charging a customer time and you are just throwing any link you can find at me? Anyone know how to get better support out of them?

All I can tell you is that I’ve had nothing but bad experience with chat support the 3 times I’ve needed it.

I have never used their support, but they do offer a paid higher end support option that is supposed to be much better.

Ubiquiti has no end user support. The forums are all they have. I have never used chat, but I am easily frustrated by incompetent “support”. With your ISP, you can sometimes get past the “script readers” to someone that knows what they are talking about, but it always a hassle every time you need to report a problem.

Ubiquiti firmware quality control is not as good as it used to be. Not sure what factors are responsible for that.

Here is one of my favorite xkcd pages Tech Support.