Any Untangle users in here?

I know we see a lot of Pfsense on here but how about Untangle ? How many here use it and like it ?

Not sure how many users, but I am working on reviewing the new Untangle 15.1 which will probably cause a lot more people to start using it more :slight_smile:

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What’s different about 15.1 to 15 ? Been running 15 for a few months and love it. Only issue I have with mine is it wants more hardware. I now have the 1 gig Fiber Symmetrical connection and max I get through my box is 650.

One day ill get a nice Supermicro 1U with the Xeon D and dual 10gig like you reviewed on your channel Lawrence. ATM 900$ is way out of my budget for one.

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I have in the last week moved over to Untangle from Pfsense @home. I loved the journey with Pfsense and watching Toms videos was for sure a god send when it came to understanding and getting to the point of what needed doing.
I caught up with some of Tom’s reviews on Untangle recently and took the plunge to start a new journey
perhaps not needing as much hand holding from Tom’s and others tutorials.
Having said that I am sure myself and others would benefit from some shared knowledge whether from Tom or others on the forum…
Looking forward to Tom’s next Untangle video :slight_smile:


10 years using it :slight_smile: what you need help with?

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I just switched from, unifi USG to pfsense… I think I stay there for a while but I will test untangle at home on a VM do see what you guys are talking about :slight_smile:

Now look what you did, i’ve been playing with PFSense for my wifes small business, and now i’ve got to download untangle to see if i like it more :smiley:

I like Untangle more BUT that’s just me. I know Tom likes pfsense… I find Untangle easier to work with.

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I find creating the granular firewall rules in Untangle more difficult that in Sophos XG, so I have been flipping between the two. Re Sophos I like the ability to be able to create Service groups etc.

So I have devices that can communicate outbound, but their port ranges are very specific. Very easy to do in Sophos and easy with the live logging. I can’t seem to achieve the same with Untangle and their forums question why would I want to do this.

I semi get why they say this as their view is that if the traffic is over SSL and you can’t install a cert due to it being an IOT style device the rules become a bit pointless. I just preferred to have things tied down where possible.

I have a Dell R220 for Sophos XG running with a 25W TDP Xeon CPU and my Untangle is using an Atom based CPU.

For me I guess the issue will be getting my head around policies and how to customise them for instance to set up custom rules that are time based / host / username based
It’s a different methodology to pfsense or unifi or Sophos xg / utm which I have used in the past
All had there cool nice to haves and different ways of doing things
Part of the lure for me is discovering these and coming to terms with them
I like what I see in untangle it has power, customisation, like pfsense and Sophos oodles of features
I’m looking forward to this journey

I moved to pfsense after a brief stop over in unifi usg land after sophos xg and utm
Now I see the promise of untangle being that bridge between function and form
Eg powerful features and really good reporting

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I use a policy for my kids Lapotp & ipad to stop internet traffic at times of the day. Works so good !

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I’ve been on untangle for 3 versions now as a remote worker. Everything is fully segmented and filtered with single EAP245 (no controller) giving signal. I have OpenVPN setup for when I’m away from the LAN. It has been pretty fantastic as a home office solution. Much more enjoyable than the Unifi or zyxel USG experience.

I to go back to roll your own on Slackware with IPChains. Untangle is amazing for $50 a year and a junker you can scrape together from spare parts bin.