Any reccomendations for a sysracks 18U enclosure

I mostly have my homelab gear sitting on a TV stand, currently the setup is quite messy with a rats nest of ethernet and power cables lying around. I would like to tidy things up a bit and I think a server rack would help in my efforts quite a bit since you can only do so much with cable ties.

One of the more affordable enclosures that I’ve seen so far are the models from sysracks. Currently I am looking for a 18U enclosure. My very next purchase will probably be a rack mounted UPS so whatever enclosure I purchase it must be sturdy.

Sysracks sells a 18U enclosure for $240 which is by far the best deal that I’ve seen so far. I could purchase a open frame rack for a similar price but if an enclosed rack will offer more sound isolation and will better hide the mess of cables that will be great.

My question, does anyone here have experience with rack enclosures from this company, in particular this model? How sturdy are they? How well ventilated are they? How well do these keep components cool? Is this worth the money? I figure there is a reason these run cheaper than the rest, are they just not worth the money? Anyone have a review of these enclosures?

I built my own.

Closed racks can have heat problems.

Also for a lab rack, put wheels on the bottom so you can turn it to get to the back as often as needed. And consider attaching a plug strip to the rack so it moves with the equipment.

Yes, I’m aware of the heat issues with enclosures. That is why I am asking about the air flow on this model.