Any FusionPBX/Freeswitch Experts out there?

I am trying to get my head around FusionPBX. I have been using Asterisk/FreePBX for many years and I have set up Freeswitch directly for some specialty uses - but have not ever used FusionPBX.

This is what I have -

  • My provider is sending calls to the IP/Port directly (no gateway registration)
  • I can see the SIP Invite traffic hitting the server with tcpdump
  • I stopped fail2ban temporarily to make sure that was not interfering
  • ACL - I have set domain ACL to default Allow and added the subnet of the incoming traffic as well
  • I have configured the external SIP profile to listen on the correct port (not using 5080)
  • I have a destination configured to receive the call and play a tone

When I place a call - per above - Invites hit the server - but absolutely nothing in the Freeswitch logs

On an Asterisk box I would set sip debug on and see everything hitting Asterisk - is there an equivalent fs_cli command? It is as empty as the log.

Been banging my head against the wall for a few hours - anyone have any input?

Well, duh, FusionPBX has a firewall enabled by default. Disabled for now (two other firewalls plus IDS in front of box) and now am seeing my Invite hit Freeswitch.

Just to answer my own question - fs_cli → sophia profile external siptrace on