Any experience with DW Spectrum IPVMS?

Does anyone have experience with DW Spectrum IPVMS (from Digital Watchdog)? I’m looking for user friendly NVR software running on a Linux server for up to 30 8MP IP cameras (possibly Dahua).

The last time I looked at it, the pricing was way out of our price range. It came in around $250/yr/camera. We’re used to Blue Iris and Ubiquiti UniFi type pricing. For what its worth, I installed the Dahua Windows NVR software (SmartPSS) on Ubuntu 16.04 in WINE, and it worked fine out of the box.

I haven’t heard back yet on a pricing request, but they tout it as economical one-time pricing (not per year). Also, it’s related to nx Witness, but I don’t know the feature comparison between the two. Anyone have experience with nx Witness or why you’d go with one over the other?

The pricing wouldn’t be too bad in that case. Our reseller may have been mistaken when they called it annual. I installed the trial back when we were looking into it, and it did look promising.

DW Spectrum has a one-time recording license of $88 (MSRP) per camera. According to the response from Network Optix, Digital Watchdog sells and supports Nx Witness IPVMS under the brand name DW Spectrum so apparently they are the same software.