Any Dell/Unisys Experts out there?

Any Dell/Unisys Experts out there?

I got another server and was told its a Dell R720 SFF 16 Bay (+2 in the back) 2.5"

It does look like one but its got “Unisys” all over the place, Main system boot, BIOS, Idrac, ETC. It’s one big mess.

The Service Tag & Express Service Code on Dell web sight has it listed as “OEMR R720”

Was this system rebranded for their own purpose or was it rebranded for resale?

Looks like Unisys went out of business. So no updates from them.

How do I fix this? If I reinstall all the Dell BIOS files will that work and bring it back to a Dell? Or is it a little bit more involved than that?


Unisys is still around, but yes this is a white label server and could have been used for running a specific image/solution. What OS does it boot up to?

I would try to update the BIOs and see if that updates to a Dell version, but it might not be required to reinstall whatever you want.

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It would appear you can get updates from Dell website

Support for OEMR R720 | Drivers & Downloads | Dell UK

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Thanks, No OS Yet but will be a 2nd XCP-ng server. I wanted to update all the hardware and setup network, ETC first and that’s when I got the big Surprise :slight_smile: That way it looks just like my other Dell R720 LFF.