Any bad experiences with Python Mode in pfBlockerNG?

I have been running pfBlockerNG on my Pfsense box in unbound mode for a few weeks. Though I don’t have any issue with memory utilization, I ticked the box for python mode to see if the extra features were beneficial to me. I was also curious to see if the RAM usage would decrease. Well, I was in for a surprise when the internet for users started to break and I could only trace it down to DNS issues. I had to roll it back to unbound mode. Performed a fresh start through the wizard just to be safe.

Has anyone else had issues with python mode? Besides ensuring the settings in the DNS resolver aren’t conflicting, should I have disabled pfBlockerNG before making the switch to python mode? I’m trying to determine what I may have done wrong that caused the influx of DNS issues. I simply selected python mode and saved after checking that I wasn’t using the conflicting setting in the DNS resolver.

Hi, I have the same problem I resolved it by installing service watchdog package. This automatically restarts the DNS service.

Thanks for the reply! Did you see your service as down? When I had DNS issues, I didn’t see any services that had stopped. I’m thinking watchdog might not have helped me in that case unfortunately.

Yes the services went down. I saw this under service status if you have added that widget in your dashboard.

Understood. Thank you. I just saw the service down for the first time int he GUI today. Definitely considering Watchdog.

Glad I was able to help you :slight_smile: