Another little help for multi nic network

Hello I ask here because on proxmox forum no one seems have an answer…

I searched on internet but without results, it seems that there are not guide or howto about the multi-nic proxmox / pfsense configuration.

So, I need an help in order to understand if what I did is correct or not, and if so how can I improve / modify that.

Long story short, I have 6 network interfaces: 5 lan and a wan.

On proxmox I set 5 virtual switch (bridges), each one binded to a physical lan.

Then I created a pfSense vm and I assigned 5 virtual network card (1 for each bridge) + the wan in pass-through (because i need to use pppoe - even if for now it is connected to my main home network using dhcp).

pfSense is the gateway, dns and dhcp server, etc of each network.

All the physical lan but the wan, are connected to two unifi switches (an aggregation and a 24port).

On the unifi controller I created 4 new vlans, then I set the right “vlan” to the its specific port

something like this:


  • port 6 (lan 207, block other) <==> 10gb nic lan 207 on proxmox server
  • port 8 (lan 202, block other) <==> 10gb nic lan 202 on proxmox server

24 ports

  • port 6 (lan 201, block other) <==> 1gb nic lan 201 (main) on proxmox server
  • port 8 (lan 220, block other) <==> 1gb nic lan 220 on proxmox server
  • port 10 (lan 250, block other) <==> 1gb nic lan 250 on proxmox server

the switches are connected with a dac cable and the ports are set to “default” and “allow all” (as unifi default)

everything works, but I am not sure that the procedure I did is correct for stability security and performance.

Also, is it normal that on the unifi controller for each interface I see the real mac address and the virtualized one (assigned to pfSense)?

in yellow what I see on unifi. On top there is the pfSense gateway attached to the virtual nic and on bottom the mac address of the real interface (without ip assigned)

sorry for the very long post and for the lang