Another big data breach

Another big data breach

Has anyone tried to tool mentioned at the end?

No concerning the tool is it legit? As far as the reported breach haven’t a reference. Is this marketing BS?

Yea, just wounding if people are implementing this type of tool. The original blog came from and it is mention on have I been pwd

The latest breach Amadeus online reservation system as reported on SC Magizine’s Newswire .

I tweeted that out this morning, Just go to to the source to check the passwords.

I have a script for checking them in bash and I was working on a video for it this morning before I got caught up in client projects.

Been using haveibeenponed [dot] com and check on a regular basis since the original Linkedin breach. Never thought of putting in a script but would be useful.

Here are the details SC Magazine newswire also has details.
Jan 19

Password ‘Megabreach’ is Years Old] (